We honor long-term traditions and quality

Our enterprise - the only one in Belarus uses the classic technology of bottom cool fermentation with separate main fermentation, conditioning and lagering.

Since 1972, we have been brewing first-class beer for you, with full responsibility we approach the creation of quality products with an exemplary recipe and excellent taste.

The technology for the manufactured products was developed by our specialists.

The enterprise was the first in the country start producing kvass wort concentrate.



We make products only from environment-friendly raw materials without using preservatives, stabilizers and alcohol. *Alcohol is formed naturally in the fermentation process.

Water for the production undergoes special training in high-tech membrane reverse osmosis plants.

The main raw material for beer production is malting barley malt, high quality hops of the best varieties from Germany.

Kvass does not contain dyes or preservatives. The main components in the recipe of kvass: sugar, yeast, kvass wort concentrate (own production).



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